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Monday, October 26, 2015


Today I decided to share my outdoor patio furniture with everyone. My husband and I currently live in a small apartment, so space is quite limited. Since the the weather is starting to cool down, we decided it was the perfect time to purchase some outdoor furniture. I purchased this furniture set from IKEA ($150 for the table and 2 chairs). If anyone has a small outdoor patio like us, this set is practical and perfect. I love that I can just fold up the table and chairs and take it inside after we use it (I only take it inside if the weather outside is not looking too promising). I also like that the table is expandable and can seat up to 4 people, making it a great option for larger outdoor spaces. Now on to the fun part...sprucing up this outdoor furniture set by adding a little touch of decor.

Here are some tips for creating a cozy outdoor space: 

1. Add a touch of decor: I don't know about y'all, but when I was in IKEA, I felt like I could spend all day in the decor section. I came across this vase and artificial flower and added it to the table to give the outdoor space a homey feel.

2. Find some practical, fun tableware. The hubs and I love breakfast and morning coffee, so when I spotted these cute mugs at Anthropologie, I had to purchase!

3. Search for comfortable chair cushions. I found these online at Target, and to my luck they were both comfortable and stylish. Immediate purchase !!

Since we only unfolded one section of the table, I had to be selective with the items I purchased because of the small table space. I've linked everything on the table below except for the coasters and bakeware (I found these in the store at Anthropologie, unable to find online). I hope this post will provide you with some outdoor inspiration for creating a cozy outdoor space of your own. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

 OUTDOOR FURNITURE: IKEA // MUGS : Anthropologie // COASTERS AND BAKEWARE: Anthropologie (currently unavailable online, I purchased in store) // NAPKINS: old from Crate and Barrel // NAPKIN RINGS: Crate & Barrel // CHAIR PADS: Target // VASE: IKEA // FLOWER: IKEA


  1. So cute! Cant wait to come visit, Nancy and I were discussing this past weekend!

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