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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hey everyone!

I saw this card sorting activity at my PRN job and thought that it was a great idea! It's a great tabletop activity that patients can perform seated or standing, while allowing the therapist to assess a variety of impairments and deficit areas. Some of the areas I address when using this activity are visual perceptual skills, cognition related to problem solving & attention to task, and standing tolerance.

What you will need: deck of cards, poster board, glue (I used a glue gun)

Plain poster board:

   Deck separated by numbers:

Cards glued to the board in a random order to promote visual scanning to locate the indicated number:

Now that your board is completed, you can give the remainder of the cards to the patient and have them place the next card on top of the corresponding number or letter on the board.

Modifying this activity:
I used this as a tabletop therapeutic activity but you could hang the board directly in front of the patient to promote standing balance. You can also add velcro to each card on the board and to each card in the deck to add resistance when placing and removing the card. I have also seen this activity made with all 52 cards from the deck glued on the poster board. This method requires another 52 card deck for the patient to use for matching.  This allows the patient to identify the number, as well as the correct suit for an added challenge.

Thanks for reading!

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